Did you know that propane is clean burning and can help you live more sustainably by minimizing your carbon footprint?

Pennsylvania consumes about 380 million gallons of propane per year. 100% of Provanta’s propane is sourced locally from Pennsylvania!

Next to solar and wind, propane is one of the cleanest renewable fuels approved under the Clean Air Act.

Electricity loses nearly 68 percent of its energy in generation, transmission, and distribution compared to about 12 percent energy loss for propane.

Renewable propane groups in the United States and Europe have developed ways to produce propane from renewable sources such as biomass, animal fat, and vegetable oil. The propane produced in this process has all the benefits of traditional propane. It’s clean, affordable, and reliable. It also has an ultra-low carbon footprint compared to electricity.

For more information, visit the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) or the Propane Education Research Council’s (PERC) websites!

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