About Provanta Propane

Provanta Inc has been local and family owned for over 85 years. We pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer care. Our goal is to provide you with comfort, convenience, peace of mind, and fair pricing.

As a Provanta customer, we want you to know that our employees are trained and certified to meet your needs. We believe that the key to good customer relationships is service and communication. We understand that the best product in the world is no good if the service is unreliable.

Please take time to review our new website. We offer several pricing and supply plans. Which one will work best for you?

Whether it’s fall, with winter quickly approaching, or summer and the pool needs to be heated, propane can offer many uses including heating, cooking, hot water, lighting, fueling a back-up generator, and more. So please, we remind you to plan ahead. We’re here to help.

Provanta is a participating vendor in the LIHEAP program. For further assistance, please call the LIHEAP customer help line at 1-866-857-7095.

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Check out our Refer a Friend Program!

Introducing Provanta’s Refer a Friend program!

Current Provanta customers who refer a new customer to our service will earn 75 free gallons of propane for themselves and for the new customer!
Unlimited referrals! Offer runs from April 19th – September 1st
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Check out our growing fleet of clean-burning propane powered vehicles!